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Dan Baron Consulting

About: Dan Baron Consulting

For more than 20 years, my work has started from a simple premise. Many organizations – whether they are nonprofits, universities, state agencies or others – have a great story to tell about pivotal issues. That can mean building an innovative youth program, passing a law that fights housing discrimination, stopping elder abuse and much more.

Over the years, I have worked as a strategist, communications consultant and grant writer for dozens of organizations. I have faith that a strong partnership, a great story and a creative and affordable approach to telling your story will get the job done – whether that means developing a communications strategy, writing a federal grant, producing an anniversary report or creating fresh content for your website.

I also have a master’s in journalism from Northwestern and worked for several years as a journalist and columnist.

Get Your Message Out

If you’re looking for someone to get your message out in a strategic and effective way—Dan is the person for the job. Not only is his work top notch, but Dan cares about the issues he works on. He delivers what he promises to clients.

—Thom Mannard, Thomas Mannard Political and Legislative Consulting and former executive director, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence

Extensive Background in Writing

Over the years, Dan has interviewed and written about dozens of students, faculty members and community partners, illustrating the way that higher education can be a resource to a city and its diverse communities. Dan’s extensive background in writing about social issues and as a journalist make him a great fit for our Center.

—Howard Rosing, Executive Director, The Irwin W. Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning and Community Service Studies

Making an Impact

Dan helped our organization by researching funding prospects, writing grant proposals, editing stories and, most of all, researching and writing a detailed case statement about our work. The result was a document that coherently, and persuasively, tells our story—and how our work is making an impact in communities.

— Dr. Kirk E. Harris, CEO and Co-Designer, Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities, Chicago