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It’s common for an organization to say “We need an annual report” or “we want to redesign our website.”

Focusing on the next project, however, is not the only way to go. First, you might consider putting together a strategic communications plan. It’s like a road map for communications that can help you answer key questions: Is your organization’s communications making the impact you want it to make? Do you have a sense of how you will tell your story in the next year or two? What’s the most cost-effective way to tell your story? What do your board members think about your organization’s communications?

For a strategic communications plan, I typically interview staff and board members, conduct a thorough review of the organization’s materials (including its website) and make specific recommendations. Developing a communications plan makes sense: tell your story to yourself and figure out what’s next before you share it with the world.

Key Steps:

  • Review information about organization (through documents and interviews)
  • Develop outline for strategic report
  • Write strategic report that includes analysis and recommendations