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Dan Baron

About: Dan Baron

People have asked me how I got my start as a writer. I point to a day when I was an intern for a public relations firm in Chicago. A smiling account executive said he had a big project for me. My big break! He asked me to write a press release about kitty litter.

There is, I learned, a moment when a writer has to decide if he can write eloquently about kitty litter or not. I decided that I could not. Lucky for me, I soon met a group of smart and passionate community organizers in Chicago who were looking for a writer. They gave me the chance to write about violence prevention, housing, education, health care, and many other topics. I’ve been writing about social issues ever since for newspapers, magazines, nonprofit groups, universities, public agencies and other organizations.

Online, video, print – how we communicate is changing all the time. But the focus of my work remains the same: telling your story in a targeted and impactful way. The first thing I will do is listen closely to your story.

I’m also passionate about reading and movies. And, as you may notice from this website, I’m a big Cub fan. So, yes, please check out this video clip.

Now what about your story? Let me know if you’d like to have a conversation.